Farm Focused Is
A State Of Mind – Who We Are

In 2015 when we started this brand, we decided that Farm Focused would be a leader in bringing mostly unknown efficiencies to the farm.  Efficiencies that would result in increased productivity with money saving results.  We immediately set our sights on Soil Health in an effort to enable growers to back off their dependencies on synthetic inputs.  We knew we could help growers produce a profitable, healthy crop in a more responsible and fulfilling way.  Secondly we set our sights on the mechanical equipment on the farm, namely the HD Diesel Engines.  We discovered that many of these engines have untapped potential and in working with the experts, we could get operators increased safe power and potential fuel savings.  Today we are the leader in these categories and have hundreds of excited and satisfied customers.

Separate but still tied to the real work we do in the field, came the actual FF Branded Merchandise.  We realized that folks all over the world could relate to the lifestyle we were living and that our struggles, successes, and day to day experiences were many of the same.  We created a couple simple and attractive designs, began sharing them with folks, and the FF Merch line was born.  Today we continue to add new styles to our apparel line and have many more designs coming soon.  We ship product all over the US and have worked with a few folks in neighboring countries as well.  This brand is being built on Hard Work, Family, Pride, & Quality.  We are humbled by the response and thankful for every minute of it.  Our merchandise gives a salute to the folks who share our values listed above.  If you are Farm Focused, chances are you know it.  Farm life, outdoor life, or just flat out hard work; we’ve got you covered with a brand you can be proud to represent.

Meet the Family Behind the Brand

Ben, Morgan, Aleyse, Haylee & Joel live in Eastern Nebraska where Ben and Morgan were born and raised.  After getting married, and moving away from home for a corporate job, they traveled all around the country chasing a career.  Nearly 10 years into it, they realized that for them some things are more important than others and that it was time to move back home.  Upon coming back to Nebraska, they walked away from the corporate life and started Farm Focused in 2015.  “Things have changed a lot, more than I can really even explain.” says Ben. “But, where we are today in terms of being present for our family and really enjoying our day today is something I wouldn’t change for anything.”

Their oldest daughter, Aleyse, is a Senior in High School and is heading to Colorado State University on a D1 soccer and academic scholarship.  “Our first baby is leaving soon and it’s bittersweet but we couldn’t be more proud of the young Woman she has become.  She is going to do very well and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.” says Morgan.  Aleyse is focused on becoming a Veterinarian and CSU will be a great start on that path for her.

The next child is Haylee.  She is currently in Middle School and is a social butterfly.  She is one of the sweetest girls you could ever meet and reminds everyone a lot of her Mom.  Haylee is going to save the world some day with kindness and compassion.  Who knows yet what her career path will look like but we can guarantee she will be successful.  Haylee’s life outside of school is currently dominated by cheer leading which she absolutely loves and is an all star at.

Finally we have the boy, Joel.  He is currently in Second Grade and much like his sisters, this boy has a lust for life.  He can’t get enough of the outdoors and loves playing sports.  So far in life he has broken 4 bones, been in for stitches, and only been to the principles office a couple of times…  Seriously though, he is a fun loving kid who has an understanding and love for people and animals alike that is really fun to witness.  No telling at this point what he will be someday but if you ask him, it involves, the NFL, the NBA, and/or Pro Bass Fishing.