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Comfort Farms

Founded by Army veteran Jon Jackson in 2014 as the first project of his nonprofit Stag Vets Inc., Comfort Farms grows heirloom vegetables and raises heritage turkeys, hogs, hens, rabbits, and fish with the goal of helping veterans heal after their service. Veterans in immediate crisis—80 to 100 so far—work for days or weeks at the 20-acre operation while they wait for treatment with the Veterans Administration (VA)—and, if they’re interested, they can stay for longer.

Jackson was inspired to start Comfort Farms in 2014 as he was leaving the military amidst the darkness of depression. “Because it didn’t exist, a place like this, I just decided, ‘You know what? I’m going to do it, I am going to follow my heart on this.’” he says. “I didn’t want any of my brothers and sisters to go through the same kind of thing.”


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Comfort Farms